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 Explore Mental Health Resources

Find a therapist, support group, doula, book, or even a social media account that will help you cope and heal during the perinatal period.

Find a therapist, support group, lactation consultant, doula, etc.

Postpartum Support International’s Online Provider Directory is a searchable list of professionals who specialize in working with moms, birthers, and parents.

PSI also offers access to Colorado-based local coordinators, over 50 online support groups, and a HelpLine that can be reached via phone or text. See all PSI’s resources for mothers here.

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Call the Hotline

Need to talk to someone immediately? Call or text the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline at 1-833-TLC-MAMA (1-833-852-6262).


The Birth Squad

The Birth Squad offers several types of support groups and community events in the Denver area including affinity support group spaces for Black and Latino/a moms and birthing people in English and Spanish. Babies are welcome at all groups! We also offer childcare, so feel free to ask more about that if you have older kids.

Resources for Dads and Partners

Perinatal mental health can affect any parent, and if you are a dad or partner to the birthing parent, you are not alone. While we don’t offer in-person, Colorado-based support for dads and partners, PSI has online support groups specifically for you.

Local Colorado Resources

Explore a selection organizations and services that support moms, birthers, and parents in Colorado.

Local Resources for Dads

Explore a selection organizations and services that support dads in Colorado.

Social Media Accounts

Here is a list of helpful social media accounts that share information, resources, and some laughs for new moms and parents.

Podcasts, Articles & Books

Read and listen to broaden your understanding of perinatal mental health and better understand your own experience.

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