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The Birth Squad

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Experiencing emotional distress after the birth of a baby is extremely common. It can make you feel sad, stressed out, worried, and wonder if things will ever get better or if anyone else understands.

Beginning to share your feelings, worries, and experiences can feel overwhelming. Trying to find the right resources can sometimes feel impossible. However, help and support are available. Right here, right now.

The Birth Squad Denver and your community are here for you.

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Support Groups

We offer several types of support groups in the Denver area including affinity support group spaces for Black and Latino/a moms and birthing people in English and Spanish. Babies are welcome at all groups! We also offer childcare, so feel free to ask more about that if you have older kids. View our support group calendar here.

Get Involved

Getting involved is easy. The first step is setting up a 20 minute welcome call with one of our team members so that we can learn more about you, your family, what you need, and how we can help. We also want to answer any questions you have. We’ll make it easy – we promise.

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Join our Facebook Group

Join the Birth Squad’s Facebook group to get to know our community better and connect with other moms and birthers. 

The Birth Squad is excited to announce The Birth Squad Prenatal Program

The program is focused on making sure that moms, birthers, and their support people feel as prepared as they can for the birth of their baby. We will provide an opportunity to chat with experts and other families about changes in relationships, family, career, mental health, or how parenting or parenthood might impact a sense of identity. Along the way, we will be building the “village” – a support network for after the baby is born!

We will be piloting the prenatal program in the Denver Metro area with two closed cohorts, starting in late August. Stay tuned for updates!

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Meet Our Team

We’re a compassionate group of mental health professionals and peers who have first-hand experience with perinatal mental health. Get to know the faces behind The Birth Squad.

Want to see if The Birth Squad is right for you?

Take the first step and schedule a welcome call with the Birth Squad today.

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