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Volunteer with CO PMHP

We deeply value building community around supporting new parents experiencing perinatal mental health challenges. Whether you are a mental health practitioner, clinician, advocate, have someone you love struggle with perinatal mental health, or have first-hand experience with perinatal mental health yourself, you are in the right place. 

Become a Perinatal Mental Health Champion

Champions are volunteers that help us reach more moms and birthers with information about perinatal mental health. Champions support our work in a variety of ways: 

Share your story.

Sharing stories from real parents is integral to our efforts to destigmatize perinatal mental health and encourage those who are struggling to reach out for help. We share stories from parents on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and at in-person events. Submit your story here.

Distribute flyers advertising CO PMHP’s resources.

We have several flyers that you can distribute at your workplace, at your local library or community center’s bulletin board, or anywhere else where new parents go.

Share CO PMHP’s resources with new parents in your life.

Share about the PSI Helpline, the Maternal Mental Health Hotline, the PSI Provider Directory, The Birth Squad, and other resources with new parents in your life, especially if they share with you that they are struggling. Explore resources here.

Connect with one another during our quarterly Champion check in calls.

We host quarterly connection calls for Champions where we check in with one another about our work with CO PMHP and learn from one another. Help us build a community of Champions who support CO PMHP’s mission.


Read the Full Champion Toolkit

For more information about volunteering and how to get involved, take a look at our champion toolkit.

Contact Us to Volunteer

Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with details on how to volunteer with CO PMHP.


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